Solid-state laser Nd:YAG


Optisystems offers laser systems for cleaning surfaces from various contaminants. Cleaning of the surface by radiation of a pulsed solid state Nd:YAG diode pumped laser operating in the modulation mode q-factor. Due to the short pulse duration, peak power can reach several hundred kW. High values of peak power can remove the top soiled layers of material, providing minimal thermal effect on the core material. The thickness of the removed layer of material can vary by adjusting the power density of the laser radiation and can be up to several tens of microns.

Laser cleaning


Key features:

  • Solid state diode pumped laser
  • The average radiation power 50 W – 300 W
  • Maximum peak power up to 50 kW
  • 2D scanner beam with processing area of 100×100 mm
  • The closed system “water – air”


  • Removing the coating, processing of small surfaces
  • Preparing surfaces for bonding
  • Cleaning printing rollers
  • Restoration of cultural objects
  • Removal rust, oxides
  • Precision removal traces of oil from metal surfaces