ARDIS 300 system for MPCVD diamond growth

The ARDIS 300 MPCVD system is designed for the deposition of poly- and single crystal diamonds from the gas phase.

The ARDIS 300 microwave plasma reactor was developed and manufactured by Optosistems, ltd., a leading Russian manufacturer of laser equipment for medicine, science and technology.

Diamond growth via gas phase deposition allows to synthesize diamonds of specified size, special purity, with a unique set of electric, optical, thermal, and mechanical properties. This determines their relevance for application in such industries as electronics, optics, microwave equipment, micromechanics, material processing, and electrochemistry.

Basic parameters of the CVD system:

Microwave power source 6 kW at 2.45 GHz.
Number of feed gas channels up to 5
Reaction gases  Н2, СН4, N2, О2,  Ar
Gas process pressure (torr) 20-500
Substrate diameter (mm) up to 100 (4″)
Substrate temperature  1200 °С

Growth rate (mkm/h)

up to 100 (for single crystal diamond)

up to 6 ( for polycrystalline diamond)

Diagnostic ports

5 quartz 70mm CF windows

Chamber and the substrate holder

water-cooled vacuum stainless steel chamber, a substrate holder made of molybdenum

Additional options

Z-shift, two-beam pyrometer, DC Bias

Windows operating system, the synthesis process is controlled by the program Control Ardis

Dimensions (L, W, H)

1660 mm*880 mm*1840 mm



• Quality achieved allows growing of gem-quality SCDs


• Heat sinks for semiconductor lasers, microelectronics
• Acoustoelectronics


• Detectors for ionizing radiation
• Field Effect Transistors
• Surface Acoustic Wave devices


• Windows for high power IR lasers
• Windows for optical devices working in corrosive media
• Raman lasers
• Windows for extra-high-power gyrotrons and klystrons
• Structural elements non-absorptive to radiation

Medicine, Ecology

• Biosensors
• Biocompatible coatings
• Corrosion resistant electrodes for water cleaning electrolysis (B and N doped diamond)

Ardis 300 (pdf)