Microwave plasma chemical vapor deposition system ARDIS 100 for high quality diamond synthesis

Joint development with NSC GPI RAS


ARDIS 100 system for MPCVD diamond growth


  • Tool coatings
  • IR optical components
  • Heat spreaders for electronic devices
  • Surface acoustic waves devices
  • Biosensors, biocompatible coatings
  • Conductive diamond electrodes for electrochemistry,
  • Ionizing radiation detectors (UV, X-ray, particles)
  • MEMS

The ARDIS-100 microwave plasma CVD reactor is designed for polycrystalline diamond film and wafers deposition on large area substrates of various materials. Smooth nanocrystalline diamond films can be deposited as well.

Basic parameters of the CVD system:

  • Microwave power source: 6kW at 2.45 GHz.
  • Number of feed gas channels: 4.
  • Reaction gases: CH4, H2 (main); O2, Ar, N2, CO2 optional.
  • Gas process pressure: 20-150 Torr.
  • Gas consumption: 1000 sccm (typical).
  • Substrate diameter: 3 inches.
  • Substrate temperature: 700 – 1000°С (control with a pyrometer).
  • Growth rate: 1-7 microns/hour.
  • Diagnostic ports: 5 quartz windows.
  • Vacuum chamber: stainless steel, water cooled.
  • Full computer control.