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Optosystems Ltd. is the leading manufacturer of lasers for medicine, science and technology in Russia. The product line includes excimer lasers, CO2 and N2 lasers, DPSS lasers, medical laser systems, lidars, high voltage power supplies and magnetometers.

The company is the only Russian manufacturer of ophthalmologic excimer laser system for refractive surgery. Company’s latest development in the field of medical equipment is an femtosecond laser system for LASIK, keratoplasty, rings, etc.

The company is the major supplier of excimer lasers and high voltage power supplies to R&D institutes and companies – integrators of technological laser systems for various purposes.

The company also develops and manufactures systems for laser deposition, microdrilling and micromachining.

The company is the only Russian manufacturer of CVD systems for growing of mono- and polycrystalline diamonds.